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Formation of Entities:

When starting a new business, it can require lots of work and time to ensure that everything is done property. White & Mejias, PLLC will provide assistance to you so that the process is very smooth and easy for you. Whether you want to form an LLC, corporation, or partnership, our firm will provide guidance to make sure you choose the best entity possible for you business.

Corporation (Corp., Inc.)

This entity is made up of shareholders, directors, and a central board of directors. The Corporation generally has double taxation, but you may choose to elect S-corp or C-corp status to avoid the double taxation depending on a variety of factors.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The LLC is generally the most popular type of entity chosen. It limits the liability of all members when it is chosen as member managed and the LLC has a pass through tax formation, which is usually advantageous to many starting a new business.

Limited Partnership (LP)

The LP must have at least two partners, a general partner and limited partner, in order to form.

Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC)

The PLLC is typically chosen by attorneys or other individuals that are all licensed in the same profession.

The first step when creating a legal entity is to file with the Secretary of State (typically a certificate of formation), however, that is only the start. There are many other factors involved as well such as: choosing a business name that complies with the Secretary of State, receiving a tax EIN for you entity, creating bylaws, an operating agreement, or some other type of partnership agreement, and many other things so that the entity is formed correctly.

While creating a business entity can be done on your own, failure to consult a business attorney can drastically affect the formation of your entity in many negative ways. Please contact us to allow White & Mejias, PLLC to do the work for you so that your business entity will be formed properly.

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