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What is a gun trust or firearm trust?

This is a special type of trust created for those with firearms. The typical gun trusts sets forth how a person’s firearms will be managed in case of their death or incapacity. Individuals usually choose to create a firearm trust for all NFA (National Firearms Act) firearms they have purchased. All firearms placed in a gun trust will pass to the designated beneficiaries without the need for the probate court process. Many people will place all their firearms in this gun trust including non-NFA firearms.

What are the most common firearms/devices that are placed in a gun trust?

Suppressors (more commonly referred to as silencers or mufflers), short-barreled rifles, and short-barreled shotguns.  Short-barrel rifles are rifles that have a barrel length of 16 inches or less.  Short-Barreled Shotguns are shotguns that have a barrel length of 18 inches of less.  You can put all of your firearms regardless of the category of firearm in your gun/firearm trust. 

Why have a gun trust?

The main benefit to using a gun trust for your NFA firearms is that more than one individual may have access and use of the firearms if they are listed in the trust.  Also, the firearms placed in the trust will pass to the beneficiaries without the need to involve the probate court process. If for some reason you become incapacitated while owning an NFA firearm, that firearm can be immediately taken away since it is illegal for any other person to have the firearm.  If you have a Gun Trust you will not have to worry as all your firearms that were placed in the trust will pass to the intended beneficiaries stated in your trust document.  

How many people can be listed on the trust?

There is no limit to the amount of people that can be listed as trustees or beneficiaries on your gun trust.  Our gun trusts are revocable trusts meaning they can be amended at any time to add or remove trustees or beneficiaries from the trust. 

Do I file the trust?

The trust is not recorded and is not a public document; rather it is to keep for your privacy and for your firearms.  Although when you purchase an NFA firearm a copy of the trust must be sent with the application for the NFA firearm.  Some counties allow for trusts to be recorded in their probate recording departments.  You may check with your specific county to see if they allow for recording of your gun trust. 

How much do you charge for a gun trust?

We charge a basic flat fee for gun trust creation. Our standard fee is $300 but may be more depending on the complexity of the trust being created. Contact our office today to discuss your gun trust in further detail. 

Why should I use an attorney instead of an online service?

Our firm will provide a number of added benefits when we create your gun trust. We create every gun trust specific to your own situation and your firearms. Many online programs use a plug and play system that automatically generates the trust document based on the names you give.  We tailor each gun trust to each client’s specific needs no matter how detailed they may be. 

Do I have to meet in person to get a gun trust?

No, we have a very detailed information form we can send to all potential clients that may be interested in obtaining a gun trust.  You will receive this information packed upon request that you will complete and return.  Once you have returned the packet, we will begin drafting your gun trust.  You can also submit the payment directly on our website with any major debit and/or credit card. 

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